Embody the global sports field-oriented practical education that combines knowledge and wisdom

Creating creative new knowledge and establishing a collaborative network with the industry

Erica Industry-University- Research Cooperation Foundation

The Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation fosters global practical talent and Contributes to the creation of an ecosystem for industrial-academic cooperation by Expanding convergence education and creative research.


Professional education to become a creative talent in the field of Sport Science for next generation

  • Professional education
    with a 20-year-history

    Developing a 20-year-old
    traditional of
    expertise education

  • A professional
    sports leader

    Practical curriculum that combines
    problem solving, value creating,
    communication, leadership, and
    language skills.

  • Characteristics of
    global sports field

    Education system and curriculum
    pursue field-oriented education
    plan considering
    Global sports environment.

  • Various career paths
    after graduation

    A wide range of occupations in
    the sports sector such as various
    Kinds of sports educator, rehabilitation
    therapist, and sport management.